Create, edit, and use tables for virtually anything in your campaign - monsters, treasure, name it! Link to other tables for unlimited flexibility, create maps out of random tiles, and even export favored results to HTML! You can even archive and retrieve your TableSmith results through an Explorer-like interface, and have all your generated information easily available.

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TableSmith 5.1

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TableSmith requires the .NET Framework 2.0, available from Microsoft (note that you may already have the framework installed; this is certain if you are using Vista or later).

USERS OF WINDOWS VISTA, 7, AND 8: It is recommended that you install TableSmith to a different folder than the default due to security issues newer version of Windows have with how TableSmith operates. The "Documents" folder is known to work.

TableSmith Help: This is the latest version of the TableSmith help file (the same file that is included in the program). It is provided here to give an overview of TableSmith's functionality as well as to provide a permanent home for people wishing to link to the file.

FOR ADDITIONAL TABLES: Many, many more tables for TableSmith can be found in the Files area for the TableSmith mailing list at Yahoo Groups. Scroll down for the links to the group.


TableSmith is shareware. If you like the program, please register! Registration is USD$10, and you may register via PayPal by clicking the above image. PLEASE READ THE NOTES BELOW! REALLY!


  • The registration process is NOT automated; once I receive notification that you've registered, I generate your key and then send it to you via e-mail. I do my best to do this as soon as possible, but please be aware that there may be a delay of a number of hours, particularly on a workday (Monday-Friday). If you do not receive your code within 24-48 hours, please contact me at my e-mail address (it is, preceded by "brucegulke", with "@" in-between of course). If you instead choose to dispute the charge with Paypal, I will simply refund your money and you will need to try again; it is easier for me to do that than deal with the dispute process (due in part to people trying to use it to scam a free code out of me).
  • Due to the costs involved with TableSmith support and development, registration of version 5 is required even if you registered a previous version of TableSmith in the past. Your previous support is appreciated, and your continued support will allow TableSmith development to continue.
  • If you are using a mail verification system to avoid spam, be sure to whitelist my e-mail address (, preceded by "brucegulke"). Any extra step that I have to take to get you your code is likely to delay your receiving it, assuming that your challenge e-mail doesn't get swallowed by one of my spam filters.
  • DM's Familiar Users: The TableSmith add-on for DM's Familiar is a separate product. If you wish to purchase the add-on, please do so at the purchase page for DM's Familiar. Also note that if you buy the add-on for DMF, you will receive your registration code from Paladin Programming (the authors of DM's Familiar), not from me. Contact Paladin Programming, not me, if you do not receive your code.

Yahoo Mailing List

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The Yahoo list is a great place to discuss or ask questions about TableSmith, and the Files area has a huge collection of additional tables you can download, for everything from name generation to treasure, encounters, monsters, and more!

Python Random Generators

The app below is a Python program that is similar to TableSmith and includes a number of tables that have been converted to Python. It is just a generator and does not have the same functionality as TableSmith. Instructions on setup are included in the README file. To use, unzip and read the README.

Python RPG Generator