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You are at the home of Mythosa, a homegrown campaign world for fantasy RPGs.

Mythosa is a world on the edge of collapse. Once dominated by a mighty sorcerous empire, it has been devastated by a cataclysmic war that nearly destroyed all of the civilized world. The remnants of humanity and its kin gather in walled cities and isolated wilderness strongholds, besieged by the insidious forces of chaos and destruction that lie without. It is a place of danger, but also one of opportunity for those brave enough to face its perils.

The pages herein detail the history, people, religions, and geography of Mythosa. In addition, the site features the following:

  • The Fantasy Gamer's Almanac: A set of resources for fantasy campaigns
  • TableSmith: A popular random generation tool
  • The RPG Generators name generator for mobile devices
  • Chronicles of the (D&D) campaigns set in Mythosa
  • A small (but growing) gallery of painted miniatures

Come on in, look around, and above all, enjoy your visit!


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